Frequently asked questions



The easiest way to obtain a quotation for your project is to use the email form on this website, giving as much detail as possible (vehicle, model, what you'd like us to produce etc). We will then check our stock and suppliers to provide the best price we can. Material costs can vary wildly. The more information you can provide about your project the more accurate we can be. 


Yes, please, we'd love to be able to front you credit for material costs, but we simply can't, therefore, we will require a deposit to cover materials before commencing work. We'll discuss amounts when we're completely sure what you need. 

Can I change my order?

Certainly, we want you to be happy with what you pay for, but we expect you to understand that changes to the job plan may equate to changes to cost and expected finish date. 

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, of course, but that may mean you lose your deposit and be liable for costs, although only if we've already started.  

Items produced by Hermfab will always be one off items, designed or modified to fit your specific requirements. This makes them bespoke and consumer law is affected by this distinction as follows: 

Under UK Law governing the ordering of bespoke items you are still liable for the outstanding amount, whether or not the work is completed. Consumer rights are negated due to the nature of our business. A deposit to partially cover material costs will not cover the debt, it does however, constitute a binding contract.  Hermfab chooses to only litigate if we have made a financial loss.

We expect our clients to understand this at point of ordering.

No work or ordering of materials will commence until both the client and ourselves are happy with what you want us to do. 

Time frame?

Depends on the job and how busy we are. We'll discuss it with you as every project is different and we understand plans can change.

I can't get an answer when I ring/text you?

The boss has probably broken the phone (It happens, frequently) If you need a reply ASAP and can't get an answer then email us using the form on the website, or via the Facebook page, and we'll get back to you. 

Privacy Policy

  • All the usual data gubbins and our promise not to post photos of your project before you do. In return we ask that you name check us when you do post them and ensure that anyone using our photos does the same (Standard Intellectual Property laws apply)


We remain open over holidays (including Christmas) but clients should be aware our suppliers are not and we may be delayed in sourcing materials.